Chiropractic treatment / Kiropraktikk behandling

About us

Welcome to our Chiropractic clinic in Marbella. We ensure the best possible care and treatment through a friendly and pleasant atmosphere, where we will take our time to answer your questions and any concerns you may have. Through contact with other specialised centres, we guarantee a comprehensive medical analysis of your situation using the best medical knowledge to date.

First class care

The Chiropractic Clinic Steiner offers first-class primary care, with high quality health services, seven days a week. All consultations are provided exclusively by our own highly respected team of doctors.

Our service is private and personal and is built around the individual requirements of each guest.

First class care

In cases of more serious illness

In the case of more serious conditions, our network of links with Marbella's leading consultants and hospitals means that we can swiftly arrange a consultant referral the same day, as well as admission to a private hospital if required.

All of Chiropractic Clinic Steiner services are provided with the utmost discretion and in the strictest confidence, as you deserve and exceeding your expectations.

In cases of more serious illness

Golf · Tennis · Sport

Golfers Injuries
Lumbar spine problems · Muscular sprain straines · Sacroiliac injuries · Golfers elbow · Carpal tunnel syndrome

Tennis Injuries
Tennis elbow · Wrist sprain strains, tendinitis · Shoulder injuries · Achillis tendon injuries

Sports Injuries
Knee · Ankle problems · Shoulder injuries · Cervical spine problems · Shint splints

The team

Meet the team

International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine

International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine

The International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine ICNM scientific committee and the executive organizing committee is working together to present an exceptional program in line with our commitment to innovation, expertise and excellence. The goal of the International Congress on Naturopathic Medicine ICNM is to provide an environment where you are able to learn new ways to enhance your practice and apply that knowledge immediately.

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