Holistic Medicine

Conventional holistic integrative medicine

Dra. Evers offers an innovative, patient-centred service integrating the best of conventional and complementary treatments for a wide range of conditions.

Her special interest is being a holistic family doctor to address most health concerns by offering a blend of conventional and holistic/natural medicine.

For this she often uses Applied Kinesiology. This is a muscle test procedure with which organic problems can be diagnosed such as (Liver, Gut, Stomach), or hormonal glands such as Thyroid, Ovaries (hormone balancing) as well as incompatibilities and heavy metal contamination (levels of lead, mercury, cadmium, etc).

This process offers a greater scope of information for each patient: hence a more efficient and effective treatment plan.

Dra. Evers has a talented team of skilled practitioners that work with her providing valuable tools to gather important information and fill in those missing gaps that have previously not been explored.

Dra. Evers has a special interest in the safe prescribing of classic medicine, vitamins, mineral or homeopathic remedies. In certain cases she also uses drips, injections or Neuraltherapy ( to treat scars, etc).

She offers another technique that combines holistic principles with electrical technology is Bioresonancia. The device is used for both diagnostic and treatment purposes.

This is an energetic, painless therapy which harmonizes frequencies in the body to eliminate parasites, toxin overloads, allergies, fungal infection and organ problems.